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Dehydration is making you sick and fat: 5 reasons why

Studies show that over 75 percent of Americans are chronically dehydrated. Yet we consume more beverages than any other country on the planet. Sadly, we purchase more soda than water.

Why don’t we drink more water? Drinking water is simple, easy, and affordable. So, what’s the problem?

People underestimate the health risks of dehydration as well as overlook the health benefits of proper hydration. Dehydration significantly affects energy levels, sleep quality, disease prevention, and the ability to release toxins and waste materials.

When was the last time your doctor suggested that a possible cause for your high cholesterol, weight gain, depression, or headaches was dehydration? This rarely happens. Instead, Americans are prescribed prescription drugs to treat the symptoms of dehydration. What is wrong with our system? For starters, we are lazy. We would rather pop a pill than bother with the hassle of drinking water all day. Secondly, our healthcare system is a money-generating business. What about prevention? What about getting back to the basics?

Health begins with proper hydration. Drinking water is simple, but don’t let the simplicity fool you. The side effects of dehydration can be deadly!

5 Common Symptoms of Dehydration

1. Weight gain. Dehydration significantly increases appetite, decreases energy levels, and triggers food cravings.

2. Increased cholesterol. The body produces more cholesterol during a stressed state. Dehydration is extremely stressful on the body’s systems.

3. Increased risk of heart attack and stroke. Researchers at Loma Linda University tracked 20,000 people aged 38 to 100, for 6 years. According to the chief researcher, Dr. J. Chan, the people who drank five glasses of water per day lowered their risk of fatal coronary heart disease by 54 percent in men and 41 percent in women. Proper hydration is the most effective way to prevent stroke and blood clots. (Why aren’t we hearing this shouted from the rooftops?!)

4. Joint pain and stiffness. Cartilage, which consists mostly of water, cushions our joints.

5. Premature aging. Dehydration causes the organs to shut down, which leads to rapid aging.

Hydrate properly! Here’s how:

How much water should you drink daily? Here’s a simple formula:

Take your weight in pounds (150 lbs., for example) and divide that number in half (150lbs/2= 75oz.). This is roughly how many ounces (75 oz.) of water you should be drinking each day.

This number varies with temperature, humidity, and activity level. It’s better to overestimate than under-hydrate! Keep in mind that water should not be consumed with meals (neither should any other beverage) because liquid interferes with proper digestion. Drink a glass or two of water every two hours throughout the day for best results.