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clean eating

My Philosophy:

Paleo. Vegan. Keto. Low-carb. Whole 30. Raw food. You name it; I’ve tried them all. Every eating methodology has its place and I’ve learned something valuable from each. I held on to what I loved and let go of what I didn’t. That’s how I arrived here, at clean eating. I stopped counting calories and started counting nutrients. The result has been life-changing.

What Is Clean Eating?

You’ve probably heard of clean eating, but maybe you’re still wondering exactly what it means. Clean eating is the ultimate non-fad diet. To eat clean means choosing more real and whole foods in their natural form and avoiding the not-so-healthy, processed foods. It’s pretty straightforward: you eat REAL food.

Here’s what I love most about eating clean: eating healthy becomes easy and does not outlaw entire food groups. Clean eating means eating foods that have stood the test of time -- foods people ate before the development of processed foods

Why It’s Important:

As Hippocrates said, all disease begins in the gut. Food is medicine and is, perhaps, the most powerful drug on the planet with its ability to cause or cure disease. Everything we consume either feeds or fights disease. Eating clean lowers inflammation (which is the gateway to disease). Additionally, eating clean can prevent disease, or in some cases, even reverse it.

Eating well is a form of self-respect and is a fantastic way to practice self-care. We feel good about ourselves when we nourish our bodies and take good care of them.


how to get started

consume variety

Eat a wide variety of whole foods as close as possible to their natural form. If it comes in a bag, box, or can, there’s a good chance it’s processed.


ditch the sugar

Ditch processed sugar. Sugar has zero health benefits. Zero.


choose the right fats

Get rid of trans fats and substitute them for healthy, good fats. Trans fats are some of the most inflammatory (disease-causing) foods on the planet.


buy organic

Buy organic. Fact: The chemicals sprayed on our food cause disease. Buying organic reduces exposure to cancer-causing pesticides like glyphosate (found in Roundup). When you don’t buy organic, you expose your body to an incredible amount of pesticides — even after the produce has been washed.


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