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Kate helped me more in six months than doctors did in 12 years! She is a true gift from God.
— Vicky P.
Kate Murphy saved my quality of life —- not only for me, but for my family and friends. I enjoy a life! Kate’s compassion, belief, and sincere desire to change people’s lives sets her apart.
— Doug W.
Kate pulled me out of the pain cave. She gave me hope, faith, and the tools to help me return to pain-free living.
— Heather T.


The green light you’ve been waiting for on products that support Clean Eating, Clean Beauty and Clean Home – my stamp of approval for a clean life. Rest assured - I’ve researched, tried and tested every single item on this list.



“I have shifted my mindset from one of punishment to one of celebration. It’s been a game changer. Let’s face it, we all take what our bodies can do for granted. Practicing being grateful for what our body is capable of is one of the most powerful motivators there is.”