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For the third time in two years, I was suffering from what I thought was a back problem. I had been diagnosed with a herniated disc which was pinching a nerve, causing severe sciatica. This particular issue had been going on for three months. I could barely walk due to the excruciating pain. I tried regular physical therapy, chiropractic treatments, and cortisone shots, all with limited success. My quality of life had deteriorated; I couldn’t pursue my passion for golf, pickle-ball, fishing, and playing with my grandkids. I was ready to try anything.

In January 2018, as I hobbled around my grandson’s basketball game, two friends looked and me and said, “You need to see Kate.” They told me about Foundation Training. I did some research and made an appointment with Kate for February 5, 2018. During our 90-minute session, Kate thoughtfully discussed my condition and showed me the FT exercises that would change my life. I left that appointment feeling immediate relief. I faithfully followed Kate’s instructions. Within three weeks, all the pain and discomfort I attributed to my back issues and sciatica were completely resolved. I continue Foundation Training to this day. I have no pain or even any remote signs of my previous back pain.

Kate Murphy saved my quality of life --- not only for me, but for my family and friends. I enjoy a life! Kate’s compassion, belief, and sincere desire to change people’s lives sets her apart.



I suffered from frequent pain and muscle spasms in my low back for several years. I’m 67 and active. I was frustrated with the pain. I’d tried doctors, chiropractors, massage, yoga, strength training, stretching, physical therapy, and orthotics. Nothing provided consistent relief. The muscle spasms happened randomly, interfering with my workouts and with my outdoor activities (hiking, cycling, and golf).

My massage therapist recommended Kate. From my first Foundation Training session, I could tell that this would finally make a difference. At first, the exercises were surprisingly difficult. I realized right away that I didn’t even know how to engage my glutes. They were weak. As I began to feel stronger and learned how to use my glutes, my back pain almost completely disappeared.

Now, whether I’m hiking, lifting weights, or simply standing up after tying my shoes, I use my glutes to straighten my back, rather than using my back muscles. The daily exercises are simple and only take a few minutes. I can do them anywhere, even in my office.

Kate is great. She demonstrates the correct technique, explains the theory, and pushes you just enough to make changes. Looking back on the time, money, and effort I spent in my search for a cure, I shake my head. I just had to learn how to use my glutes the way nature intended. I highly recommend Kate.



You helped me more in six months than doctors did in 12 years! You are a true gift from God.



I was diagnosed with spondylolisthesis and scoliosis. In 1999, I had major back surgery (spinal fusion) on my L4-L5 and L5-S1 vertebrae. Surgery was a short-term success, but over time, the scarring and arthritis kicked in. I suffered from severe stiffness, joint pain, and muscle spasms, especially if not diligent in my preventative routine. I tried yoga, Pilates, and strength training. I had limited short-term success, but nothing alleviated the pain, stiffness, and muscle spasms. Sleeping more than a couple of hours each night was a challenge; I had to constantly wake up and reposition my body to prevent muscle spasms.

I love to golf, hike, and play tennis. I skate and play hockey. My back pain limited my activity. I experienced extreme soreness and stiffness. I was always on the brink of spasms.

After a couple of sessions with Kate, I could feel engagement of muscles I’d never felt. Kate’s knowledge of the body and the way muscles are designed to work provided me great relief from my nagging condition. After a few weeks, my body and core felt stronger. My core supported itself in a completely different way. While I will never be able to function as I did 20 years ago, my work with Kate has reawakened my muscles, allowing me to participate in the activities I love. I no longer dread activities because I am much less stiff and experience hardly any joint pain. I’ve gone over ten months without muscle spasms. My muscles function properly. I sleep through the night and feel more rested.

Kate treats each person individually. She analyzes and evaluates each person very differently. She helped me build a foundation and made sure I knew the proper technique before moving to the next level. Her eye for detail gives peace of mind. It’s clear Kate knows what she’s doing. Her demeanor is encouraging. She pushes when you need a push and also knows when to dial it back. Kate has a gift for reading a person and their condition, then giving appropriate techniques to improve.

I have recommended Kate and will continue to recommend her! Based on the feedback from my friends who’ve worked with Kate, they found the experience just as life-changing as I did. Working with Kate is a total game changer!



During my pregnancy, I experienced extreme sciatica pain in my lower back. I reached out to Kate. I knew nothing about Foundation Training. Kate taught me a few daily exercises and within a week, my lower back pain was gone! I worked with Kate throughout pregnancy and post-partum.

She not only helped me prepare my body for childbirth, her instruction helped my body recover post-birth. Since my daughter’s birth over a year ago, I continue to use Foundation Training as my base for functional fitness. I am stronger now than I was before I was pregnant. Thanks, Kate!



I suffered tremendous pain for months, spending a majority of my time laying on my back with my legs raised. I went to a chiropractor, a massage therapist, an MD, and a physical therapist in an effort to relieve the pain. I knew I’d reached the final straw when the doctor offered me a choice of narcotics to numb the pain.

My condition interfered with my life. Now, I live pain-free with no restrictions, thanks to Foundation Training. It took about three months of daily FT exercises to get out of the pain cycle. By daily, I mean 24 hours a day, seven days a week! I make every move mindfully: anchor first, decompress, and then, move!

Kate pulled me out of the pain cave. She gave me hope, faith, and the tools to help me return to pain-free living. The work is not easy; it requires discipline. Kate is one of the few people I’ve ever met who matches my passion, discipline, and commitment. Kate shares her gifts and conviction with ease and love. Kate is special and I am forever grateful for her help!



I injured my right hip, resulting in six surgeries in four years, culminating with two hip replacements. Post-replacement, my right hip continued to hurt. Additionally, I suffered from pain in my lower back. Then, a relative recommended Kate.

I’d been rehabbing my hips for over four years. I’ve had physical therapy, acupuncture, and massage therapy following every surgery. My goal was to return to long walks, hiking, cross-country skiing, and biking. No matter how I tried, I didn’t make progress. I wanted the life I enjoyed before hip injury.
One year since my last hip surgery, my low back improved significantly with help from Kate and Foundation Training. Kate has an incredible knowledge of the body, its movement, and how it can be strengthened. I’m a work-in-progress; I’ve had so many surgeries and problems with tendons and muscles. I use Kate’s advice every day to relieve my pain and get back to the activities I enjoy.

If you’re looking for relief, I can’t say enough about Kate Murphy and her desire, enthusiasm, and genuine care. She will help you on the path to pain relief! She had to think outside the box for her own healing, and by learning her story, you will see an extremely determined person. She fights for her own health and she fights to help others. Kate is beyond admirable!

Working with Kate is refreshing. She endured and healed her own pain. She relates to the work it takes to find the right combinations for relief. She goes to great lengths to explain body mechanics, making sure you position your body correctly. She shares videos and is always available by email or text message. Kate devotes incredible amounts of time and effort in her quest for knowledge. She is a gem: someone who immediately makes you feel comfortable and at ease. Kate cares!

- Colleen J.


I am a 41-year-old man, a former Army medic, and a life-long athlete. I was referred to Kate by a spine/chronic pain specialist after I reached a plateau in recovery from a car accident --- a rear-end collision. My car was stopped and hit from behind at 40 miles per hour. I ended up in the ER.

I first saw Kate six to eight months post-accident. I’d tried extensive chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture therapy, and Western medicine. My general practitioner was a waste of time and only pushed pills as relief. The physical therapists I worked with were cold, dismissive, condescending, and insensitive. I found a bit of relief through chiropractors, acupuncturists, and pain specialists, but the improvement always plateaued.

My injury caused moderate to severe neck and head pain. I am a ceramic artist and enjoy fishing and alpine skiing. Working with Kate helped me crest the daily mountain of pain I experienced. Foundation Training helped me return to the athletic lifestyle at the core of my being. 
It took a couple of weeks working with Kate, as well as exercising at home, before I felt 100 percent again. However, I felt an improvement in the first few sessions, which inspired me to work harder.

I tell anyone who will listen about Kate and Foundation Training. I highly recommend FT to people with neck and back pain. I taught yoga for four years. I hold a high bar for anyone making claims of personal transformation. Kate is extremely knowledgeable and passionate. I worked with several other therapists prior to meeting Kate; they all thought they were great, but they lacked communication and motivation skills. Worse yet, their methods achieved no results.

Kate is great! She listened to my story. She is a consummate professional --- pleasant and positive. She understands health and healing, isn’t burned out and bitter, and works with people of all shapes, sizes, and ages. 



For the past nine years, I’ve suffered from herniated discs, plantar fasciitis, Achilles fasciitis, and excessive C-section scar tissue, as well as other conditions. My quality of life was gone. Every time I made progress with my overall fitness level a new problem would set me back. The pain was debilitating and was robbing me of hope that my conditions would ever improve. I saw multiple chiropractors, massage therapists, physical therapists, physical trainers, and orthopedic surgeons to get help. I tried muscle relaxers, pain relievers, steroids, custom shoe inserts, and custom shoes. Nothing helped.

Photography is both my hobby and my career. My condition always interfered with my ability to work: either I was in pain sitting while editing or in pain at a photo shoot holding a heavy camera. I lived in constant fear that a disc would pop. I struggle to feel properly aligned. Within three weeks of working with Kate, I could already feel a big difference. Unbelievable! I am running again, after years of being in pain just to walk. My back feels strong. I feel stronger overall. I cannot wait to continue this journey as I have no doubt I will continue to improve. I followed Kate on Instagram for two years before reaching out to meet. You can see her passion in every single post and story she creates. If I could say one thing to others it would be this: don’t wait! Call her today and start your new chapter. Kate will truly help you find a brand-new life! Go for hope when you have it!

It is an incredibly powerful and special thing to watch someone living out their passion. Kate is the best of the best. She goes above and beyond to make you feel comfortable and to give you hope - first and foremost - which is something that I needed tremendously. Her empathy for others is commendable. She is unlike any other fitness and nutrition specialist I have ever encountered and that is why I believe she is a powerful movement, not just another expert.



For over a year, I developed pain in my left shoulder while playing golf. I couldn’t identify the source of the pain; I figured it was from years of golfing professionally.
The pain wasn’t enough to alter my lifestyle --- mainly, it was a nagging sensation. A doctor friend guessed tendonitis. Some other friends recommended a local physical therapy clinic. I knew medical treatment would be costly and time intensive. I hoped to avoid surgery. I didn’t know much about Kate, but I gave her a call to get an opinion.

I golf and ski. My wife and I live an active lifestyle. As a parent to a growing toddler, I’m constantly lifting and carrying. My goal, overall, is to be functionally fit --- being in good shape, living a healthy lifestyle, and enjoying activities without pain or injury.

My shoulder feels significantly better thanks to Kate and the exercise routine she established for me. The pain has, for the most part, gone away. Kate’s diagnosis was not tendonitis, but rather muscle tightness throughout my body, as well as a slightly jammed AC joint. The best news is that if I do experience pain, I now know the best way to relieve it. I gained so many other benefits from working with Kate. She focuses on a person’s overall health: nutrition, workouts, and sleep. I’ve been able to build ideal routines for my lifestyle.

If you’re in pain, reach out to Kate. Her methods are different, but I’ve experienced how they relieve pain and discomfort for myself and for my wife. The exercises are not crazy difficult or time-intensive, they mainly require consistency to achieve results. If you have general health, fitness, and nutrition concerns, Kate is an amazing resource. She researches nearly every aspect of overall health and she lives it.

Kate is one of the sweetest and kindest people you will ever meet. Working with her is easy and enjoyable. She keeps things simple and makes sure you understand the correct form. Thanks for all of your help, Kate!



For three years, I dealt with pain in my leg and glutes that inhibited my sleep, my ability to sit, and my overall comfort. After rounds of physical therapy, dry needling, acupuncture, and cortisone shots, I wanted to give up. A friend told me about Kate and I decided to give it one more shot.

My pain decreased and I feel better. What I didn’t foresee was the positive effect Foundation Training would have on my overall physical strength. After only a few sessions with Kate, coupled with practice at home, I noticed a huge difference when I went hiking. I hike almost every day with my dog and I could feel my glutes actually working and my speed increasing.

The biggest surprise came on my first day on the ski hill. Usually, I am tired by lunch, with shaky legs and burning thighs, yet that day, I skied all day and wasn’t even sore in the days that followed! My husband was shocked at my stamina and ability. The effects carried over to back-country skiing, snowshoeing, and cross-country skiing.

I am able to sit for longer periods of time and experience less pain when sitting and sleeping. I have to remind myself to keep up with my exercises because the discomfort is no longer there to remind me.

I bought Dr. Goodman’s book, True to Form, and have committed to Foundation Training for life. Kate is so incredibly knowledgeable, compassionate, and inspiring. She makes you comfortable in the first five minutes. You feel completely understood and accepted. I would recommend Kate and Foundation Training to everyone as a basic practice for everyday health.



My struggle with back pain lasted for over eight years. Finally, I reached a breaking point. We had just begun construction on a new house and I couldn’t even walk from room to room. I had to sit down every few feet, waiting for the pain to lessen so I could walk a few more steps. I could barely function. I was a mess.

An MRI revealed the extent of the damage to my spine. It was so much worse than I had expected. I had five bulging discs, degeneration, and severe spinal stenosis. My surgeon said I need a major fusion of five vertebrae.

How could I go through major surgery AND help with our house? I could not afford the time, nor did I want such an invasive and extreme surgery. But what could I do when I could barely walk? I’d been seeing a chiropractor as well as a physical therapist. These treatments helped temporarily, but I was so weak and my structure so poor, that nothing seemed to provide a permanent solution.

When I felt I was out of options, my daughter-in-law connected me with Kate. Kate has been a godsend. To start, I worked with Kate three times per week. In a few weeks, I noticed significant change. My pain slowly melted away and I grew stronger!

Now, I function without pain. I can travel. I can walk around for a whole day, pain-free. I walk through our new house, without stopping, and I thank God and Kate for getting me to this point without surgery. Foundation Training is a major part of my daily life. I have my life back! I am forever grateful for Kate.



I am an avid golfer. I’d developed severe low back pain. Initially, I took the “quick fix” surgical route and had a back operation. Months later, I found myself at square one with the same severe back pain. I knew another surgery wasn’t the answer. I managed my pain with meds and injections for several months.

I could hardly walk. Sleeping was impossible. The pain was terrible. My activities were severely limited. Thankfully, I found Kate. After our first session, my pain went from a 9 down to a 6. I was blown away! I knew we were on to something. After a few more sessions, the relief felt incredible. The pain was disappearing.

Kate taught me how to move in a way that prevents back pain. With her help, I’ve strengthened the muscles along my spine. Today, I have NO pain in my legs or back. My flexibility has improved significantly. I never thought I’d say this, but I look forward to walking and playing golf in the coming season. If you’re suffering from pain, give Foundation Training a shot before any medical procedures.

*Update to Jon’s story:
I just returned from a European golf trip with eight buddies. I felt better than any of them! We played 18-36 holes each day for ten days straight. We walked the courses every day and I felt NO PAIN. And, as a bonus, my handicap went down! Thanks a million, Kate. I can never repay you for giving me my life back!

- JON M.


Kate has been an amazing resource along my journey to good health. She holds an in-depth knowledge of autoimmune diseases and takes the time to discover the root of the problem, rather than simply treating symptoms. What’s especially wonderful about Kate is her genuine care. She is compassionate, professional, encouraging, and willing to ask questions. She impressed me with her understanding of how diet and medication may have contributed to my autoimmune and thyroid issues. Kate researched and provided a variety of articles to help me understand possible solutions for my vitiligo. Following Kate’s diet and medication modifications allowed me to feel better than ever before.

I no longer suffer from stomach issues. I have so much energy. Kate taught me that a paleo-style diet, along with natural supplementation, was the best way to heal my body. I am so thankful and I highly recommend Kate!



I met Kate during a Foundation Training certification in Boulder, Colorado. I was quickly impressed with her knowledge of human anatomy and her understanding of proper, functional movement. Kate’s level of knowledge places her at the pinnacle of the practice of physical rehabilitation. Her ability to understand and teach the concepts of Foundation Training allows her clients the best opportunity to recover and perform, no matter their goals. She is driven to get to the root of the issue, whether it be structural or nutritional, acute or chronic. Kate has her own story of debilitating chronic pain, giving her unique insight and empathy into an individual’s situation. This ability is indispensable in providing care.

If I were living in Bozeman, Kate would be my health integrator. As a chiropractor, I would not hesitate to refer patients to her for rehabilitation or health coaching. You will be hard-pressed to find another practitioner who understands the overall picture of true health and who practices in such a professional and caring manner.



A year after the birth of my baby, I suffered from daily, excruciating, lower back pain from lifting a heavy baby-turned-toddler several times per day. On very active days, I had to ice my back and lay down after 5 PM.

I have been treated by both a chiropractor and an acupuncturist for many years and consulted both of them about this issue, but neither treatment helped. Luckily, my back pain lasted a short while until I met Kate and she taught me how to properly move my body with Foundation Training.

My child and I enjoy outside time, going for walks and playing. I also enjoy working out. There were many times when I needed to modify my workouts or cut them short due to discomfort.

Within 15 minutes of a Foundation Training session with Kate, my back pain was gone. From that session, I knew I had the tools to get myself out of pain or discomfort if it occurred again. Even better, Kate’s exercises prevent future pain if you stick to them. I didn’t know that Foundation Training could also help my long-time tricky knees, get a deeper burn in my workouts, and just generally improve my overall body function - all of which it has!

I recommend working with Kate, 100 percent! She is an absolute gem! She is positive. Her methods are effective. She really cares and really wants her clients to have success.



I slipped a disc in my lower back from lifting a heavy object and was unable to move for several days. I was hunched over, even while walking. I had a tingling sensation in my feet and a ton of lower back pain.

I spent 18 months trying everything, with no improvement. My lower back and leg pain continued. The leg pain radiated down my leg and into my foot, making my foot numb. I continually went undiagnosed or misdiagnosed – everything from muscle spasms, arthritis, and a strained muscle. Finally, after two MRIs, I was diagnosed with a herniated L4/L5 disc. Surgery was mentioned as a possibility, but at 40 years old and otherwise healthy, I did not want to go that route. Instead, I went every other route: four physical therapists, two cortisone shots, new orthotics, chiropractic care, acupuncture, deep tissue massage, and vitamin injections. Although the symptoms slightly improved, allowing me to get back to running, swimming, and biking, I still suffered from pain and was nowhere near where I could be from an athletic point-of-view. I thought about giving up running and biking all together. The frustration pushed me to tears on a regular basis. I went to the Mayo Clinic to explore the surgery option.

I love to run and compete in triathlons. In the winter, I snowshoe and ski – both downhill and cross country. I wanted to be healthy to play with my son; I couldn’t even pick him up because I was in too much pain. I began working with Kate and after our first session, I immediately felt improvement. She totally understood my condition and got to the root cause: weak glutes and tight hip and glute muscles that caused the back and leg pain. We met for 30 minutes; she gave me four exercises that I did consistently every day for three weeks and then I saw her again. I was finally able to run and had confidence again that I could lift weights and strengthen my legs and glutes without injuring my back. I am back to running 12-14 miles and will compete in three half ironman events this year. I literally owe the recovery to Kate.

I would ABSOLUTELY recommend Kate. She is incredibly kind, focused, and caring. Kate wants to help everyone be healthy and happy. She has an uncanny ability to identify the problem and create solutions to fix the issues. Kate is amazing. She helps you help yourself by diagnosing the issues or challenges you are facing, giving you a simple and very effective guide to follow, and continuously monitoring your progress. I see Kate roughly every three weeks; she continues to add challenging exercises to help me with my injury and the tweaks are helping me get stronger. Kate does not prescribe a regimen where you need to meet with her every day or every other day (unless you want to!).

As long as you follow her guidance, you will reach your goals.

- Kristen N.


When I met Kate, I was in bad shape. I injured my back lifting grand-babies and furniture at a garage sale. My MRI revealed a herniated disc at L5. I was in a great deal of pain and was unable to do any of my normal activities. I spent a lot of time in bed and on pain killers. I tried steroid injections and got some relief, but nothing provided lasting relief. I felt very fragile and was afraid of reinjuring my back. I felt really alone and unsure of how to proceed with my activities because it didn’t take much to flare up the pain in my back.

That is when I met Kate!  During our first session, Kate encouraged me that I would be well again. I wasn’t sure I believed her, but I knew I was so happy to have someone who wanted to help me get better. The Foundation Training slowly pulled me out of pain and over time, I began to feel stronger and more confident in my movements. Kate taught me how to use my body and back ways that wouldn’t injure it again. I learned stretches and exercises I could do at home to maintain my comfort.

Kate’s knowledge is unmatchable. Her kindness and encouragement meant so much to me. I am confident in her knowledge (as everyone raves about her!) and expertise. I will always be grateful that Kate was there for me in a time of desperate need. I am now back to my normal activities. I feel healthy and strong again. Thanks to Kate, I have my life back! I am forever grateful!



I was diagnosed with a ‘pars defect’ on my L4 vertebrae from my years as a college football player. This condition caused my L4 vertebrae to slip. The pain and discomfort from a disc slipping is so off the charts! It’s hard to explain. Some days my right leg would be numb, making standing upright or sitting extremely difficult. Doctors and trainers sent me to PT and chiropractors on a weekly basis to get some relief. This continued for the rest of my college and professional career. Once football ended for me, I decided this pain must be normal. I continued to fight through the pain, daily, until I met Kate! When Kate first worked with me, she quickly identified muscle imbalances and dysfunctional movement patterns. To my surprise, by the first or second week, I could really feel the difference. After a few weeks, I was pain-free. I was able to go bow hunting and golfing without the strain or frustration of lower back pain.

Kate comes from a different background than most trainers. She endured a neck injury that caused debilitating pain, leaving her unable to do much activity. This experience helps her relate to her patients with experience and concern. She has gathered so much knowledge!

One of the first things you will notice about Kate is how well she listens, with focus and intention. When she responds, it’s all about you. She applies all her knowledge and wisdom to provide a sensitive, informed opinion on the topic.  Kate is a wealth of knowledge. I can’t thank her enough!

- dusty D.


Before I started working with Kate, I "managed” my chronic lower back issues. I tried PT, which helped a bit, stayed fit, and strengthened my core.

 Foundation Training with Kate is different than anything I tried. The exercises have taught me so much about the importance of good movement patterns.

 My back problems have not returned and it's been 8 years! I experienced some pain and nerve issues in my right leg, which Kate immediately identified as hip tightness. With a few stretches and FT exercises, the pain is gone!

 It's a joy to work with Kate. She keeps you moving from one posture to the next and teaches benefits along the way. Kate obviously loves helping people. She has the training and knowledge to make a huge difference. I’ve seen her help so many people.

 She changed my life forever! What a gift! 

- mickey M.


I dealt with knee pain from my years as a college athlete. The pain affected me during repetitive physical activity. The only thing that helped was ibuprofen and rest. Eventually, I had laparoscopic surgery on my left knee to remove a small amount of damage from overuse. However, my right knee continued to hurt and I considered surgery on it as well until I found Kate and Foundation Training. Since adding FT into my daily workouts, the knee pain is a thing of the past. It was basically instantaneous. One week, I couldn’t run at all without pain; the next week, I was running. It was as simple as that. I also noticed my back and core felt so much stronger and supported when lifting and caring for my two babies.

My whole understanding of body mechanics changed. I became totally aware when my glutes were engaged and when they weren’t. I knew if I felt my lower back rounding when changing my baby’s diaper that it would be sore, so I’d hinged at my hips as Kate taught me. My body feels amazing.

I’d encourage anyone with back or knee pain to see Kate and incorporate Foundation Training into their routine. It is life-changing, whether you are super active or sit at your desk. Kate Murphy has a wealth of knowledge and her passion is infectious. As for her techniques? Well, they work!

Thank you, Kate!

- gina D.


I have been an amputee for 12 years. Over that time, I developed an imbalance: my prosthetic side became weaker as my sound side became stronger. This lead to back pain. Any time I tried to start a workout program, no matter how slowly, I developed severe, limiting back pain.

I tried physical therapists, and many, many different workout regimens. I worked with a chiropractor and relied on various forms of pain relief (Advil, Aleve, etc.). Nothing worked long-term. I got to the point where I was afraid to work out because I knew I wouldn’t be able to stand up straight for days after!

My condition absolutely interfered with daily life and hobbies. I have an active dog and it was a struggle to get him as much exercise as he deserved. I couldn’t hike long distances, especially on uneven surfaces, and I didn’t even consider running to be an option. Any workout that I previously enjoyed (even yoga) became painful and frustrating. Now, I walk Teddy several miles a day (and continue to work to increase distance) and I am unafraid to work out! I can spin, hike, and workout in the gym with no fear and no pain!

I feel so much better! I work out four times a week with no back pain! Whenever I start to feel my low back start to hurt when I work out, I know how to stop and reactivate my glutes and “reset” my body and my workout. Life is good and I am on my way to being in shape. And, best of all, I feel no back pain!

Yes, yes, a thousand times, yes! Experiencing Foundation Training with Kate was a revelation – such a wonderful discovery! Once you understand it, it makes so much sense! Kate is a wonderful teacher!

Kate is awesome! She is positive, supportive, encouraging, and so, so knowledgeable. I have NEVER worked with anyone, including highly-recommended physical therapists, who understood the functionality (or lack thereof) of movements with a prosthetic leg. Kate understood immediately. Kate’s knowledge regarding nutrition is attainable and inspiring. I have made many “swaps” Kate suggests through her Instagram page and I feel better for it! Thank you, Kate!!

- jennifer H.


Kate is a gift. For over 25 years, I’ve dealt with systemic lupus; it’s been more active in the last few years. I was a distance runner for 35 years but am no longer able to run and can barely stretch due to inflammation. Kate, along with my naturopath, helped me pursue testing that can determine the root of the flare-up. She researched the alternative therapies and supplements that mitigate some of my symptoms. Kate’s knowledge of natural body healing is tremendous. She taught me foundation training, which helps me strengthen and preserve my compromised athletic and functional ability – exactly what I needed. Kate’s passion for foundation training is contagious; she is a gifted teacher and communicator. Her compassion, patience, and positive attitude have been a blessing. Many thanks, Kate!